Love: Want it? Find it. Keep it!

“Ancient knowledge meets! [The Energy of Love] takes us beyond the guessing game of relationships . . . This approachable and generous presentation nailed me early on and explains so much.”

—Cyndi Dale, author of Beyond Soul Mates

The Energy of Love shows you how to use the ancient Chinese wisdom and the Five Elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water—for positive relationships, love, and happiness. With entertaining and empowering instruction, authors Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy explain how to !nd your energetic gifts, embrace them for better living, and accept your partner’s “aws as the strengths they really are. Use this modern guide to better understand yourself, your lover, and the energy of the world around you.

Discover what you truly want in a relationship, !nd a lover who matches you energetically, and make your relationship longer-lasting and romantically-charged. By learning the Elemental Energy types of you and your partner, you can build a true connection without unrealistic expectations.


What Elements Are You?

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Love is in the Air
“Learning and living the Five Elements opens your eyes to new ways to seeing things.. ” — From The Energy of Love   [more]
Prince (or Princess) Charming, or Eh, Not So Charming (Part 2)
"[It's] all about connections...making connections within yourself and with others. As we make connections we are mostly unconscious about the effect our energy has on others. But we can become self-aware and utilize our energy to everyone's benefit. All your relationships will take on new meanings once you learn [more]
Prince (or Princess) Charming, or Eh, Not So Charming?
“In order to find true connection, we can tell you one thing early on; you must first connect with the most perfect person of all—yourself!” - from The Energy of Love by Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy     Hot lovers come in all sizes and shapes.  Many times [more]
Northampton Book Signing Party and After-Party
Come join us on May 15th for The Energy of Love book signing.   [more]
Love and the Five Elements Workshop
We are developing the next generation of workshops on the Five Elements. Coming up are: Love and the Five Elements: Want It? Find It? Keep It! - a four hour workshop in April in Northampton, location and date TBA The Five Elements: Connecting Your Circle - an advanced class, TBA [more]